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Concorde in the Orchards provides a variety of home styles to suit your needs. From luxury front attached garage, single family homes to elegant duplexes, you can build your perfect home in Concorde. Whether you’re building your first home to grow your family or settling down in your forever home, Concorde in the Orchards is the place for you.

Front Attached Homes

Concorde in the Orchards offers beautiful front attached garage homes! These homes are some of the most popular home styles in Edmonton, offering spacious floorplans with convenient attached garages to ensure living in Concorde is as sweet as can be.

Duplex Homes

You can build a stylish duplex home in Concorde! Duplex homes are an affordable option that offer the beauty and feel of a single family home at a much smaller price point. Join our fruitful community with a luxury duplex home in Concorde.

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